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Now brands will hear you
With #Hashtago, you have a place for dialog with brands:
you communicate directly and brands know you by name. You take part in favourite brand campaigns, share your experience and get rewarded in return.
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How it works


brand #hashtag campaign


#hashtag in social media to earn points


points for brand gifts

you get rewarded

for using #hashtags in your post

Our purpose

We believe brands & shares make life awesome.
Brands give us enjoyable experience.
We share it with friends on social media:
for fun, likes and respect.
With #Hashtago, we can now add for rewards.
This (complete) list we accept. You?

Connect all your accounts
to earn points from every social media

for using #hashtags in your post
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Hashtago joins brands & clients in best way possible

Build and control
your own
Reach clients personally on infinite Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Boost your earned media and knock off the rest of negative reviews
Go deep into clients personal experience and desires with your #hashtag campaign
And that's just
scratching the surface
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